Combined powdered activated carbon and biological process in which synergistic treatment occurs.
Advantages of CBR System
Adsorbs organic contaminants, color, Adsorb VOC and odor
  ˙Effluent bioassay (reduces/eliminates effluent toxicity)
˙Sludge settling & thickening characteristics
˙Sludge de-waterablity
˙Hydraulic capacity
Reduces sludge volume and size of treatment plant
PAC vs GAC Size
PAC is micron size vs mm size for GAC
PAC has higher rate of adsorption
PAC has more available surface area than GAC
PAC can be regenerated as slurry (using Wet Air Oxidation), GAC cannotPAC can be added to existing activated sludge systems, GAC cannotPAC is about 1/2 the cost of GAC
Application of CBR-Industrial
Effluent COD requirement
Toxic waste
Waste resistant to bio-treatment
Effluent bioassay difficult to meet
Any time GAC is considered with bio-treatment
Water reuse
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